The Unusual Suspects

We both have a very different history…

Mariëlle being a Pharmacist once, and Ellekari finishing a Master Thesis on Circularity in 2019, we form a slightly unconventional duo. The Unusual Suspects. So working with us guarantees different angles to your business (model) and an objective approach. We are curious, hands on, eco-sexy and love to dig deeper to create the best Circular Stories. Our own Story illustrates best who you are dealing with. 

We are on a Mission

Companies that do good have great stories!

Circular Stories is a full-service, objective, and eco-intelligent brand + digital marketing and business development/ change agency that cares for people and the planet. Wow that’s a mouth full! Yeah, we know, we are aiming for big IMPACT.

We’re on a mission to effectively communicate and create circular stories with purpose to the world.

We help circular and sustainable companies, or companies who would like to become circular, to take the step into the spotlight through remarkable communications and strategy.

Based out of Amsterdam (main office), and Utrecht we specialise in video, social media marketing, digital advertisement, PR, copywriting, strategy, partnerships and sustainability communications.

We help circular or sustainable visionaries/ entrepreneurs/ founders/ marketeers to grow their business.

Our vision

Stories can change the way we see the world

We all have experienced the power of storytelling; from parents reading children bedtime stories, ET going home to outer space, or environmental activist Gretha Thunberg. Good stories not only change our view of the world but are drivers of change. Because let’s face it, our planet is in despair! A mindshift and decisive action in the way we do business is needed. We believe that Circular Stories are the campaigns that can change the world.

Therefore, we capture, publish and share frontrunner stories, promote their victories (and show the pitfalls), for others to be inspired by, to learn from and to follow their lead. That’s the Power of Circular Stories.

No guts no story!

We would love to hear more about you!

Tell us all about your journey towards circularity. The pitfalls, the juicy details, everything! Do reach out to us and be prepared to go deep!

“I believe in zero waste of energy:
in materials and humans”

Msc. Circular Business Development
Ba. Marketing / Communications

Tel: +31 621 263 855

“We have to rethink the way we live,
love, travel and do business”

Culture Brand Strategist
Concepting & Business Innovation
Drs. Pharmacy.

Tel: +31 682 099 685

We believe that Stories will inspire us to
Rethink the way we Live, Love, Travel, Work and Do Business.
Ellekari & Marielle
Founders of Circular Stories