Nine ways for circular businesses to set up shop on the island of Curaçao

The island of Curaçao is about to embark on a great journey that will make its economy flourish for many years to come. Do you want to know what is happening and how they are designing their future using the principles of the Doughnut Economy? We asked Juan Carlos, advisor to the CTO Innovation Team of the City of Amsterdam, to elaborate on this in an article. Read his recommendations here!
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Co-create Dakar: A story of cross-cultural collaboration

In 2021 Co Create My City, an initiative by de ROV Netherlands brought Dutch and Senegalese students, together in an innovation bootcamp to co-develop circular and innovative solutions for real and concrete circular challenges of the city of Dakar.
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Holland Circular Hotspot: Inspiring and inspired by circular entrepreneurs

Back in 2016, the Netherlands set the goal to be 50% circular by 2030 and fully circular by 2050, a serious commitment to the Paris Agreement and serious example worldwide. Therefore they launched Holland Circular Hotspot a platform supporting Dutch-based and international initiatives, with the goal of reshaping the linear into a circular economy within multiple industries. Circular Stories works closely together with HCH, shaping its storytelling and helping them getting their message across.
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GreenPay: Putting Value into Waste

While it has become a habit for most people to bring used batteries to the supermarket or medicine to the pharmacy so that professionals can dispose of them safely, it is not the case for most other products. GreenPay is a circular platform that aims to put value into waste, standardizing second-hand practices from consumers and manufacturers to create a circular loop of goods.
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Plastic Whale Foundation: Sailing towards plastic free oceans

Stop Talking, Start Doing! The Plastic Whale Foundation is sailing towards plastic-free oceans for our next generations. In their campaigns they focus on elementary school kids, their teachers and parents. In this campaign they have worked closely together with influencer and rapper / teacher Meester Hidde.
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#009 The missing link to the fashion industry to become fully circular

The Berlin based start up Circular.Fashion developed the circularity.ID label for garments. The missing piece of information to close the loop in effective clothes recycling. And thus adressing the huge carbon footprint of the textiles industry, which is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emission a year.
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Circularity in Poland – Gospodarka Cyrkularna

In the 'Roadmap towards the Transition to "gospodarka cyrkularna”', the Polish government talks about maximisation of added value of resources and products, and minimisation of waste. A reflection on the transition towards a resource-efficient, innovative and competitive Polish economy.
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