#009 The missing link to the fashion industry to become fully circular

The Berlin based start up Circular.Fashion developed the circularity.ID label for garments. The missing piece of information to close the loop in effective clothes recycling. And thus adressing the huge carbon footprint of the textiles industry, which is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emission a year.
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Circularity in Poland – Gospodarka Cyrkularna

In the 'Roadmap towards the Transition to "gospodarka cyrkularna”', the Polish government talks about maximisation of added value of resources and products, and minimisation of waste. A reflection on the transition towards a resource-efficient, innovative and competitive Polish economy.
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Circularity in England – How do the British drink their circular tea?

The British and the Dutch are both committed to a more resource efficient circular economy keeping resources in use as long as possible, extracting maximum value from them and minimizing waste. This is an interview with Terence Speijer, Senior Commercial Attaché at the Dutch Embassy in London.
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Circularity in Germany – Kreislaufwirtschaft, Zirkuläre Ökonomie oder einfach Circular Economy?

There are certainly differences in the definition of CE between Germany and the Netherlands. Gijs Könings, Policy Advisor Circular Economy and Sustainable Mobility in Berlin, tells us more.
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