The Unusual Suspects

We both have a very different history

Mariëlle being a Pharmacist once, and Ellekari finishing a Master Thesis on Circularity in 2019, we form a slightly unconventional duo. The Unusual Suspects. So working with us guarantees different angles to your business (model) and an objective approach. We are curious, hands on, eco-sexy and love to dig deeper to create the best Circular Stories. Our own Story illustrates best who you are dealing with. 

We are on a Mission

Hunting the 100 best Circular Stories

It is our quest to capture, publish and share the stories of the frontrunner in the circular economy & the outstanding examples of sustainable entrepreneurship throughout Europe. 

We give frontrunners the stage they deserve, for others to be inspired by, to learn from and to follow their lead. Cause the world needs circularity, and pioneers to push it forward.

Our ambition is to publish 100 Circular Stories in our online magazine by 2021. And make an impact by:

  • supporting 100 circular entrepreneurs to grow their business, brands and ideas 
  • inspire and equip 1.000 other entrepreneurs to follow their lead
  • empower and activate 10.000 persons like you and me to rethink the way we live, love, work, travel and do business

“ You haven’t made an impact when you didn’t change someone”

Our vision

Stories can change the way we see the world

We all have experienced the power of storytelling; from parents reading children bedtime stories, ET going home to outer space, or environmental activist Gretha Thunberg. Good stories not only change our view of the world but are drivers of change. Because let’s face it, our planet is in despair! A mindshift and decisive action in the way we do business is needed. We believe that Circular Stories are the campaigns that can change the world.

Therefore, we capture, publish and share frontrunner stories, promote their victories (and show the pitfalls), for others to be inspired by, to learn from and to follow their lead. That’s the Power of Circular Stories.

We believe that Circular Stories will inspire us to
Rethink the way we Live, Love, Travel, Work and Do Business

Circular Stories are the campaigns for the new economy.

Circular Quote of the Day

“Do something that will make your kids proud.”

Dr. Sebastian Porkert, Founder ECOFARIO