The Unusual Suspects

We help people within the circular economy to grow their business.

Mariëlle being a Pharmacist once, and Ellekari finishing a Master Thesis on Circularity in 2019, we form a slightly unconventional duo. The Unusual Suspects. So working with us guarantees different angles to your business (model) and an objective approach. We are curious, hands on, eco-sexy and love to dig deeper to create the best Circular Stories.

Our own Story illustrates best who you are dealing with. 

‘We believe stories will inspire all to
rethink the way we live, love, travel, work and do business.’
Ellekari & Mariëlle
Founders of Circular Stories


Culture Brand Strategist
Concepting & Business Innovation
Drs. Pharmacy.

I have taken the step from healthcare to sustainability. Both fit with my mission to be not the best in the world, but the best for the world and help others do the same. To me, ‘green’ is not just a slogan that you read back in an annual plan or as a catchy slogan, but really the color of the leaves on the trees and the fragrant grass in a meadow. We sometimes forget that.

Tel: +31 682 099 685


Msc. Circular Business Development
Ba. Marketing / Communications

You think the Circular Economy is difficult? This complexity can be made very simple. The key is to look at the right elements… And I like to talk about it all the time.

With a background in media and marketing I decided to use my business development skills to take it to the next level; to inspire people to become regenerative and profitable within their business and everyday life.

Tel: +31 621 263 855