Our Story

“What would it look like when Circularity was easy?”

… I wondered while talking to Ellekari about a quote new concept for me: The Circular Economy. As she was finishing her Masters Thesis on this topic. reviewing the transition steps businesses could take towards a circular business model, I got very intrigued by the concept. It seemed to provide immense opportunities for innovation, and efficiency while doing good for the planet! Being an innovative Healthcare professional myself, I’ve set the goal to become an expert in this field as well. As soon as possible. That meant no 3 year long study…

So what did we do? 

Our curiosity and drive, some pragmatism and a healthy appetite for adventure took us on a  journey. We decided to drive our campervan South, and spend some weeks learning, practicing, discovering what the early adaptors and frontrunner pioneers do, transitioning towards a zero waste planet.

This is how Circular Stories started  

Let us take you along on an amazing journey through France and Andorra and into the Spanish hills… 

Circular Quote of the Day

“Circularity. To rethink the way you live, love, work, travel and do business.”

Circular Stories Team

The Unusual Suspects

We both have a very different history

Mariëlle being a Pharmacist once, and Ellekari finishing a Master Thesis on Circularity in 2019, we form a slightly unconventional duo. The Unusual Suspects. So working with us guarantees different angles to your business (model) and an objective approach. We are curious, hands on, eco-sexy and love to dig deeper to create the best Circular Stories. Our own Story illustrates best who you are dealing with. 

Circular People

Our growing community, driven to make a positive impact on your business and our planet.

We have united a great team to accelerate circularity. Our community exists like-minded people. Entrepreneurs, consumers, parents but also Story Creators, Business Developers, Journalists, Professors, and Marketeers. By sharing our knowledge, connecting people we are closing loops. Inspiring conscious professionals to rethink their lifestyle, and help circular businesses grow their Triple Bottom Line.

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