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Companies that do good, have great stories!

Here you will find honest stories straight from the frontrunners of the circular economy. Visionaries, entrepreneurs, founders, inventors from all over Europe open heartedly share what happens behind the scenes. From their eureka moment in the middle of the night, to the rough patches and moments of truth on the journey to establish and grow their business.

It is our mission to accelerate circularity by storytelling, inspiration and by connecting you with our network within the circular economy. Only together we can close the loop.

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Cover Story.

Meet the King of Sustainable Denim

Meet Tony Tonnaer, founder of Kings of Indigo. Worldwide one of the most sustainable, innovative and fair denim brands now moving to circularity. How do you build a healthy company in sustainable fashion? And how circular are these ‘Clean Jeans’ exactly? In this very open interview we asked him everything we were curious about.

Read his story about sustainability and circularity in fashion.


We help people within the circular economy to connect and grow their business.

Our Story.

This is how Circular Stories started.

Our curiosity and drive, some pragmatism and a healthy appetite for adventure took us on a  journey. We decided to drive our campervan South, and spend some weeks learning, practicing, discovering what the early adaptors and frontrunner pioneers do, transitioning towards a zero waste planet.

‘Companies that do good, have great stories!’

Marielle van Hemert, Co-Founder Circular Stories & Mother

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