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Inspiring Stories.

Companies that do good, have great stories!

Are you full of good stories, but you have no idea how to structure them?  Then you’ve come to the right place. Call on our knowledge and expertise in the field of storytelling. On the basis of inspiring workshops or training courses such as Video Brand Story, we will work together and show you how you can tell your story.


You have a good story, but could you use some help with the bigger picture?

For example, you have a great idea or concept, but you have eaten less cheese when it comes to branding, rolling out campaigns and/or content marketing. Your story is on point, but it is still a matter of reaching and addressing your target group in the right way. That’s where we come in: we help you out with our team of experts!

You can contact us for, among other things:

Brand Strategy
Digital Strategy
Creative Strategy
Communication Strategy
Content Strategy
Campaign Development

We believe that Stories will inspire us to
Rethink the way we Live, Love, Travel, Work and Do Business.
Ellekari & Marielle
Founders of Circular Stories

Closing Loops.

Let us help you find your circular gap.

And see where you can create multiple values for you and your environment.

Do you see the opportunities that Circular Thinking and Doing can entail, but do you still lack support within your organization? Or do you need help with creating circular business concepts to develop within the value chain, but no idea where to start? Then we will help you and your team to go circular. With inspiration sessions based on true and existing Circular Stories or with our strategic new business development expertise and tools. From circular business development, circular strategy to circular partnerships: we help you in your mission to have a positive impact.

Connecting People.

Our growing community, driven to make a positive impact on your business and our planet.

We have united a great team to accelerate circularity. Our community exists like-minded people. Entrepreneurs, consumers, parents but also Story Creators, Business Developers, Journalists, Professors, and Marketeers. Everyone that has a great Circular Story to share we like to include in our network. We learn from them and connect them to each other, with Circular Safari’s (our inter/national trade missions), Circular Sessions, or by joining one of our workshops.