How we work

We dig deeper

To get the best Story out of your head, on to the screen this is how we operate;

  • By an in-depth interview, with 16 essential and unique questions
  • In a strategic session, to find the key elements and narrative of your Circular Story.
  • Fact Finding: together with partners like Circular IQ, we dig deeper into your product to get data to support your message

Our Offer

A platform and campaigns for the new economy


Objective and authentic storytelling combined with data. Tailored to reach your in- or external audience.

Production, publishing and marketing

PR and sustainable (launch) event organization


Circularity Indexation, Objective Product Reviews, Affiliate


Personal Branding and Positioning

What we say Yes to

By now we have been invited to do even more

Circular Safari.

A half day trip through the urban Jungle for clients or team to discover the newest concepts and business models in circularity.

Speaking and Workshops

Organizing workshops in storytelling

Zero waste cooking and Hospitality

Public and Motivational Speaking to switch teams to a circular mindset


Marketing Strategy and Circular Business Development

‘We believe stories will inspire all to
rethink the way we live, love, travel, work and do business.’
Ellekari & Mariëlle
Founders of Circular Stories


No guts no story!

Don’t wait too long! If you want to be part of this campaign, do reach out to us. We would love to hear more about you and your journey towards circularity. Be prepared to go deep!

Ellekari Klaasse

“I believe in zero waste of energy:
in materials and humans”

Msc. Circular Business Development
Ba. Marketing / Communications

Tel: +31 621 263 855

Mariëlle van Hemert

“We have to rethink the way we live,
love, travel and do business”

Culture Brand Strategist
Concepting & Business Innovation
Drs. Pharmacy.

Tel: +31 682 099 685