Becoming Circular

We ignite organisations’ sustainability and circular strategies…


We capture, publish and share all our Circular Stories on our website, so you get the opportunity to gain the right knowledge and inspiration for your next circular steps.

  • Read all about the frontrunners on our website¬†
  • Circularity Workshops¬†
  • Circular Safari for teams or clients
  • Circular Webinars (Cross-sectoral)

Circular ID

You want to take the first or next steps towards circularity. Then you want and need to know exactly circular you are now to improve. With our selection of partners we can offer you particular product passports and the data to point out your circular direction.

  • Measurement circularity index of products
  • Track Progression
  • Data powered storytelling
  • Circular Passpor

Circular Design Sprints

You have decided that circular is the way to go. But where to begin and how to achieve this? We have got the right tools for you to start becoming circular and analysing the field of stakeholders.

  • Sustainability and circular Strategy
  • Opportunity identification & Business case
  • MVP
  • Roadmap Creation

Think Tank

You have a specific circular challenge but the lack of an interesting and spot-on network of experts to guide you through the process and get you to your unique circular proposition and product. We will source in our network and get you the right partner for the job. This will save you thousands of hours analysing and researching.

  • Solving barriers in the process towards circularity
  • Connecting People: Matchmaking
  • Closing Loops Challenges