We help people within the circular economy to grow their business.

As a creative impact agency we love to help getting your story to be heard and seen. Clear, simple and attractive across different types of media. By using storytelling, video, social media concepts, online strategies and campaigns which are both sustainable and profitable. Your story is our business.

Our Vision.

Companies that do good, have great stories!

Circular Stories is a full-service, eco-intelligent digital marketing and business development agency that cares for people and the planet. Wow that’s a mouth full! Yeah, we know, we are aiming for big IMPACT.

We help circular and sustainable companies, or companies who would like to become circular, to take the step into the spotlight through remarkable communications and strategy.

Based out of Amsterdam (main office), and Utrecht we help circular or sustainable visionaries/ entrepreneurs/ founders/ marketeers to grow their business.

We believe that Stories will inspire us to
Rethink the way we Live, Love, Travel, Work and Do Business.
Ellekari & Marielle
Founders of Circular Stories