#003 A Real Green Challenge

“Can you help us to create 25 unique stories, in 5 different countries, in 3 weeks?” 

Of course our answer to that question was YES. As the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge is one of the largest annual competitions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship in Europe, they aim to give all 25 Nominee startups the stage they deserve and asked us to get the job done.

Creating 25 unique stories, across boarders in such a short time… was quite a Real Green Challenge in itself, especially in the light of COVID-19. In the past 3 weeks we secretly interviewed, trained, scripted, filmed and produced 25 unique stories of these sustainable entrepreneurs and their innovations. With online workshops about Storytelling, and professional local teams of producers we pulled it off and captured Circular Stories in The Netherlands, Germany and England, in Norway and Sweden all at the same time. Today is the Première and announcement of all Nominees.

Read all about our project below. During this summer we will publish in-depth Circular Stories portraying the entrepreneurs, and their business insights about leadership, culture and how to drive the transition towards circularity within the eco-system.

Circular Quote of the Day

“A new circular economy would be as colorful and diverse the world is and people are.”

Ina Budde
Founder Circular.Fashion

Our world needs Green Heroes

Our planet is facing tremendous challenges:

  • Air Pollution

  • Carbon Emission and Footprint

  • Use of hazardous toxic chemicals in production and agriculture

  • Soil degradation & Deforestation

  • Polluting Fashion Industry

  • Take, Make, Consume, Waste Culture

  • Scarcity of Raw Materials

  • Plastic Pollution and Microplastics

  • Electronic Waste

  • Social inequality

  • Access to Water and Clean Energy

A long hot summer for the Nominees

Today the nominees in race for the finals have been announced to the general public. You can find all Nominees here.

For them it will be a long hot summer awaiting the Green Challenge Finale end September. In the meantime we will share all frontrunner stories and gossip with you. Of course we give you a little sneak peek behind the scene, the juicy details about the ‘Viagra among plant seeds’, how to grow a ‘climate neutral tomato’ and how the hell we get rid of all that annoying plastic in the supermarkets.

Interested in the insiders business information of these Circular Entrepreneurs? We will send out an update a couple of times a year.

So much innovation, love, craftsmanship and ambition

We can tell you: these frontrunners already have stolen our hearts. Talking to the founders, who have various backgrounds in science, chemistry, fashion, design, agriculture or marine life we learnt about new sorts of plastic alternatives, impactful innovations in the food industry. It turns out inventors aren’t nerdy as we thought they would be. Seeing them putting their expert knowledge to use for a better world, is immensely inspiring. The one thing they have in common: expert knowledge and a love for our planet that is the glue connecting everything.

Shooting 25 Circular Stories in 5 different Countries

It takes quite some creativity, out of the box thinking, good preparations and most of all a very good team to produce in such short time. It also meant that entrepreneurs were trained themselves in Storytelling and in Storyboarding as the base for the shoot and edit. On the shooting day, everybody was slightly nervous but well prepared to pitch.

Are all these companies circular?

A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design. This means that materials constantly flow around a ‘closed-loop’ system, rather than being used once and then discarded. As a result, the value of materials, including plastics, textiles, battery components, coconuts eg, is not lost by being thrown away.

So circularity is something different than sustainability. Tho all nominees are committed make positive impact while addressing urgent topics around sustainability and circularity, not all are circular. Today they are ready for go-to-market and scale-up. Tomorrow they too will have to rethink their product designs, use of raw materials and waste streams in a more circular approach.

Take a look at all Nominees and films here!

Clients Quote

“Films and storytelling, help technical inventions to become easily understandable and highly accessible for a larger audience”

Yvonne Verschragen
Communications Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge